Elite Performers & Entrepreneurs

No matter where you're going, go in and change the game.  Change the way leadership is given, change the way service is provided, change the way revenue is made.  Go in with the intent to LEVEL UP.  Your character is greater than your reputation, your reputation will build off your character.

Ask yourself these three questions:

Does my vision of who I am becoming offer the right leadership?
Does my daily and weekly routine set an example for myself & others?
If people emulated what I do, would they reach the results they desire in life?

Sales Letter to Prospect

Great relationships are built on trust.  

That comes from honest conversations.

Instead of calling you out, I’ll keep driving you home until the next good times.  
Loyalty calls us to look closer not look away. I’ll give you a place to look when times get hard.

To seek the truth - That’s loyalty.  

We are going to remove confrontation from our vocabulary.  A truthful conversation is anything but confrontation. Confrontation is negative, our conversations will be constructive.  I need you to be prepared to receive a truthful conversation. Don’t attack and don’t be defensive.  I’ll need you to receive with humility.  As you seek the truth with humility, you’ll gain clarity.  We rejoice together in truth.  

We are going to create aspirational values that help embrace change.

If you don’t choose to trust, you’re going to choose suspicion and if you choose suspicion, you’re going to deflect your own flaws.  We must live with honesty, live with openness, and live in a trustworthy way.  We define the quality of our lives by the quality of our relationships.  The quality of our relationships are built from truthful conversations.

One of the most important questions to ask ourselves every day is “what can we always do to bring our best?”  

Bringing your best means using your gifts for the benefit of others. In order to bring your best for the service of others, your self care has to be the highest priority.  If you can’t love yourself at the highest standard, how do you expect to love those around you?

Redefining your mindset will transcend you to your next best version, let’s get you ELEVATED.

Who do you need to become to get the things you want?


Raising your standards begins with delivering your best, not just to yourself but those who rely on you.  

When you raise your standards those around you will raise theirs.  

It's not an expectation of perfection, it's an expectation of ones higher self.


Identify your gifts to serve others
Waking up with undeniable intent
Create a higher level of consciousness and self awareness.
Establishing your core values
Reach your Highest Potential
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"Sean has taught me so much about being a real beast. I have restructured my whole life. We've barely scratched the surface & we're clearing my goal of making 6 figures this year. How? By setting up my "non-negotiables" - things I do everyday that keep me in TOTAL ALIGNMENT.

Early rise and productivity by 4am, realizing what my values are, thru routine, & thru constant communication w/ someone that's been there, done that, & really cares about my growth. GREAT leaders create leaders. Thanks for helping me see my real value and believing in me.
"I was in search of a coach/trainer at the time for the specific goal of competing. I belonged to an athletic center with very talented trainers. I set up 4 interviews so that I could compare strategies, training styles and the motivation and intentions behind why they wanted to train with me, and most importantly why would I want to train with him or her.
I was taking this decision extremely serious and I wanted to make sure this journey would not be money driven or someone who would sugar coat my expectations and goal outcomes."
"I couldn't have made a better decision not only for myself, but for my family.  Sean is not one to sugar coat ANYTHING and won't let his clients do that either.  He truly cares and wants to see everyone  accomplish beyond their own goals!  Learning and implementing Sean's tactics and daily routines, I started to see positive change.
At one point I was ready to put in any effort to have a happy marriage,  but putting in the work I can only thank Sean for not letting me give up and ultimately saving my marriage. Thank you for your faith, patience & help and for showing me that I can be what I want plus more!"
"I’ve been training with Sean for approximately a year. Sean’s very dedicated to his clients. I have gained strength both physically and mentally. Sean has been a great mentor in both my training and personal life with my relationship. Sean doesn’t take excuses and if your willing to show up and give it your all he’s there 100% to help you reach your goals."
"I am a 57 year old female who has committed herself to this sport since I was 17 years old. I have worked with numerous trainers throughout my journey and I have never come across anyone who is more committed, knowledgeable, and driven than Sean. He stands alone in this field as far as I am concerned. You will be extremely blessed to work with Sean! Oh and by the way....... he doesn’t sugar coat a thing.
Prepare yourself and enjoy the ride. If you are serious about your fitness goals, Sean is your person. Thank you Sean for changing my life!!!"
"Sean was my 4th interview. Sean offered me to workout with him along with an interview. I will never forget this day, for this day transformed my life forever.
Our connection that day was more than just a good fit as a coach/client relationship. He brings his whole entire being to you and the love of this sport.
He commits himself to excellence, integrity and the utmost professionalism as your coach and mentor."
"Sean, I want you to know that you are one of the few people in this world that I trust to give me advice and challenge me to stay true to what I'm passionate about!

I can always count on you to answer my calls and listen, you make time for me, and make me feel important because I know how busy you are, and you still make time to answer my calls!"
"I have been through coach after coach. No one would listen to my story and really hear what I needed had been through eating disorders and left with body dysmorphia. They all kept giving me the same cookie cutter diets and over training me.
Nothing would happen. Until I found Sean my whole world changed. Today I can walk in a room with confidence and ready to work at the gym without worrying about my surrounding.
Thank you for believing in us and pushing us. Forever grateful"
"When I hired Coach Sean, it was to help me understand Coaching, Business and most importantly MENTAL HEALTH This man has taught me a lot and three months I’m beyond grateful to call on my mentor my coach my family my brother!"